Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pocket Poetry

The day is not highlighted on iCalendar and Taylor Swift has not, as far as I know, voiced an animated Netflix special in recognition of the holiday tomorrow. 

In fact, unless your near-and-dears are word nerds, specifically poetry nerds (represent!), they are probably unaware of the quiet celebration planned for April 30th.

For on that day, fellow nerdlings, in the pockets of trousers, jackets and shirts, topcoats, capris, vests and skirts, people around planet Earth – or at least a smattering of Americans – will carry on their persons the words of their favorite bards.

To use just a few more words, Thursday is National Poem in Your Pocket Day.

A social, even evangelical, end note to the rollicking rhyme orgy that is National Poetry Month, Poem in Your Pocket Day (#pocketpoem) is meant for sharing. Learn more here

I encourage you to join the celebration this year. Participation is easy-peasy and will, I promise, fill you will a delicious sense of improving the world one stanza at a time.

To join the metered chaos, first select a favorite poem. The fact that you are here, reading this, tells me you know a little something-something about prose and already have a favorite poem or two  - or thirty - tucked away on a mental shelf.

Reach up and pull down that poem, blow off the accumulated thought dust, memory pollen, and desiccated spider carcasses (i.e. – the dead pods of your own poems. Seriously, you need to journal that stuff). On Thursday, scrawl out the poem on a piece of paper, fold it up and pop it into a pocket.

Do you have friends? Cyber acquaintances? Colleagues? Relatives who are bound by blood and duty to respond when you text? Great! Send your poem to them. Spontaneously post, text or recite that poem in your pocket - if it is one of your favorites it must be awesome.

Now go forth and recite.

Poem in Your Pocket DayLucy Walwyn

No posies or hearts
No Be Mine Sweet Tarts.
No stockings or trees
No gift spending sprees.
No bunting or flares
No rocket’s red glare.

But poesies and verse
Tucked into a purse.
If just for a day
Stowed safely away.
A wee work of art
Kept close to your heart.

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